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Sydney dykes

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Moist [May. 28th, 2007|08:22 pm]
Sydney dykes


What's the go ladies? Is it true Moist in shutting up shop?? Say it isn't so!!!!!!

[User Picture]From: krazeealien
2007-05-30 01:15 pm (UTC)
yes sadly it is true :( i've gone to every MOIST except for 4 - and those have been because i was crook as a dog and literally couldnt get out of bed!!

APPARENTLY they're not gona leave us hanging for too long and APPARENTLY there's going to be something "around the corner" but...who knows

at least there will always be the Bitch nites and the Bank...and now more recently, BADA BING

but there's nothing like a good, MOIST nite... haha..no pun intended
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[User Picture]From: femmelesbian
2007-06-01 08:22 am (UTC)
haha ohhh that really bites i was hoping to go with my gf we just havent been able to arrange it damn - do u know why it is being closed? Whats BADA BING like?
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[User Picture]From: krazeealien
2007-06-02 03:02 am (UTC)
oh no no, last wk wasn't the final MOIST. that's next month! so u can still go :)

they didn't really say why they were ending the nite...i guess only the ones with inside knowledge will know that

BADA BING is good, well me and my friends think anyways! it's a different nite altogether. in terms of music (coz its rnb/hiphop mixed with a bit of house), the girls that go are also a lil diff which i like too. should check it out - 1st Sat of each month..which is today :)
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